WHat we do

Equine Natural Care® strives to promote optimal equine wellness by offering a complete line of naturally derived herbal equine blends. We pair herbal support with the Equine Energetic Evaluation® process so that the individual animal can have access to the blends it needs in the order that provides the most benefit.  

Equine Natural Care® offers the absolute highest quality herbs in our blends. All of our herbs meet our strict requirements for identity, strength, quality and purity. Each herb in every Equine Natural Care® blend  (100%) goes through a three-day extensive testing procedure for purity and quality before being used.  Affiliate products from Arthur & Andrew Medical and HerbGirl.com help you provide even more for your equine partner as well as yourself.

The Equine Energetic Evaluation® is taught as a part of Equine Natural Care's two-day training that each distributor must complete in order to learn about the different herbs in our blends and to understand how these blends can sustain the body systems that they were designed to support.  This is taught exclusively to Equine Natural Care® distributors.  Along with quality products, Equine Natural Care® considers education among our top priorities.  

The Equine Natural Care® herbal blends were designed to work hand in hand along with the Equine Energetic Evaluation® process and have proven over and over again to be a great success! There is simply no better product on the market than Equine Natural Care®. 

who we are

Rhonda Newman, Owner
After personally battling a medical situation over 20 years ago, Rhonda Newman decided to educate herself on herbs and the natural industry.  It was here she found healing.  As she has had horses her entire life, she decided to use this approach on them since the results on herself were so phenomenal.  She has spent the last 20 years rehabilitating injured horses, generally claimed to be unfixable, with great results.  

Rhonda has been a Certified Herb Specialist for ten years and has attended courses required to be a Natural Health Consultant.  In addition, Rhonda has never stopped furthering her education.

Rhonda’s extensive training includes dozens of seminars and hands-on clinics in the natural industry where she has studied several different areas in natural health including parasites, aromatherapy, essential oils, Kinesiology and massage.  She is also experienced with Biological Terrain Assessment BTA machines, which work on a cellular level testing saliva and urine.

With 15 years of study in Kinesiology, she created the Equine Energetic Evaluation®.  This is a process using a check point system to find the weakened energies in a horse then use herbs to support the systems in order to bring the horse back into balance.

In 2004, she developed a natural fly spray under her HerbGirl.com label.  It has proven very effective and is in use throughout the country.

In 2010, she partnered with Jackie Hagberg and Equine Natural Care® was formed.  She and Jackie have been responsible for the research and development that have gone into every Equine Natural Care® blend as well as educating each individual distributor on whole-horse care.  Rhonda is also involved in Equine Natural Care’s day to-day operations as the Administrative Partner.

Jackie Hagberg, Owner
Jackie Hagberg is a lifelong horse owner and has been involved with equine natural health care for over 20 years.   Not only does she breed Registered Paint Horses, but has also been competing at the world and national levels since 1985.

Jackie started a Biological Pest Control business in 1988, with the idea of helping horse owners eliminate chemical fly sprays around barns. In 1999, she obtained her licensing and certification in Shiatsu Therapy for both horses and people.

As she built her body-work business called Jackie’s Hands On, she saw the need to educate horse owners in all aspects of management. She developed and implemented a program ofwhole-horse care where she uses muscle testing to evaluate feedstuffs and supplements.

Dedicated to whole-horse care, she has attended numerous courses and clinics over the years including, natural hoof care, trimming and shoeing and saddle fit clinics. She has worked with experts in gait analysis to help her identify soundness issues in her clients’ horses.  She has travelled and worked with equine chiropractors, making these experts available to her clients.

In 2002, Jackie added herbal supplements to her programs and in doing so, became a top distributor for eight years with the herbal company.  In 2004, advanced equine dentistry was added to her program.  In 2004, equine Iridology through Mercedes Coburn, located in California, was also incorporated.  She is currently working towards her certification under Ron Logan, to bring human Iridology into her program.  In 2010, she partnered with Rhonda Newman and Equine Natural Care® was formed.  She and Rhonda have been responsible for the research and development that have gone into every Equine Natural Care® blend as well as educating each individual distributor on whole-horse care.

It is this background, training and experience that she brings to each of the Equine Natural Care® distributors.